Aibtra - a desktop tool to refine texts using OpenAI

Aibtra - an open-source desktop tool to refine texts using OpenAI

Aibtra is in its early stages (alpha). Feedback is welcome at GitHub.


Aibtra is a small open-source desktop application that assists with reviewing and refining plaintext and markdown. It uses OpenAI’s API along with predefined instructions internally.

Aibtra primarily aims to serve software developers and other tech-savvy users who frequently need to write short- to medium-sized texts, such as emails or technical documentation.

Note: Aibtra utilizes OpenAI’s API instead of ChatGPT. OpenAI’s API comes with charges, so there may be notable costs incurred when extensively using Aibtra.


Aibtra’s user interface is essentially a diff between your original text and its refined version. It includes a couple of optimizations to streamline a clipboard-focused workflow:

  1. In your current application (such as a text editor or an email client), copy the text you want to refine to the clipboard.

  2. Open Aibtra, paste the text.

    Paste original text

  3. Submit the original text to OpenAI.

    Submit original text

  4. Apply the suggested refinements, which are appropriate.

    Apply refinements

    To save time, you can start applying changes concurrently while the refined text is being streamed.

  5. Copy the final text to the clipboard.

    Copy final text

  6. Back in your original application, paste the new text from the clipboard.

Sensitive Information

Aibtra parses markdown and can optionally replace quoted text (>) and text enclosed in backticks with placeholders before sending it to OpenAI. This simplifies excluding sensitive information from being sent to OpenAI.

No information whatsoever is transferred to Aibtra’s servers.


Aibtra is open-source. It’s written in Kotlin. You can contribute on GitHub.